Dragon Quest Heroes: TWTWBB Review

I haven’t really played a Dynasty Warriors game since the first one. I do like the style of game I would just rather play something else mainly cause the style and story don’t appeal to me but seeing that gameplay in games I like is great so I have to give the new Dragon Quest Heroes a shot.

Dragon Quest Heroes might mainly appeal to the fans of the series, just don’t expect a JRPG here this game is a simple hack and slash game that plays like most Dynasty Warrior games. What appeals to me is getting to visit the cool world of Dragon Quest and their cool characters. The graphics are pretty good but there seems to be very little in variation from character models to the maps you play on.

The graphics look pretty good but nothing spectacular. The series is very anime so I feel it fits the style. After a couple hours or less you will start seeing a lot of repetition and it could make the grind very mind numbing. Events don’t happen a lot so if you are trying to build up your characters its going to feel like a grind right away.

The action is pretty mediocre and gets old fast. You get some very nice looking ultimate attacks you build up per character and unleash to help with crowd control. They are animated and done very well but I feel for as long as they take to build up they should do a hell of a lot more damage then they do. Its also very frustrating if you don’t clear as many monsters as you wanted and then you got to build it up all over again.

I feel the game is short but made to appear long with all the grindy things but if you cut out all the major cut scenes and main even missions its really not a lot.

I just can’t recommend this game for a full retail price. Its worth finding on sale, renting or just skipping all together, maybe watch a letsplay on it, its not an epic RPG experience so some might feel its just not worth the money, just not enough meat on the bone.

If you live in Canada you can also always try GameAccess.ca and just rent it. They get a free trail. For more info on GameAccess check out my Blog post about it Here http://www.labswitched.com/myblog/item/2-gaming/174-game-rental-service-in-canada

Omega Force
Square Enix
13 Oct 2015
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Dragon Quest Heroes: TWTWBB Review

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