Far Cry Blood Dragon Review

If you follow the Far Cry series you kind of know a little bit of what to expect, It's an open world First Person Shooter but instead of making direct sequels they make crazy unique stories every game, that's what makes the series fresh to me. Blood Dragon is no different, it's the same open world gameplay just about half the size of Far Cry 3, (Maybe even a little smaller than half) But it is an arcade title so for $15 retail it's still pretty good.

 The game takes the Far Cry engine and uses a Cyberpunk, Retro gaming Motif where you are an 80’s action hero in a crazy dystopian future full of mutated creatures and evil scientist, the game is very over the top in terms of story, the cut scenes are even done in 16bit pixel art and it really adds the overall feel.

 The Story is pretty silly and funny, you pretty much got to stop the bad guy who was once your friend, they do a lot of cheesy jokes that really go with the feel of the game.

 The gameplay is really tight like most Far Cry games, the Open World allows you to feel like you can beat the game on your own path doing things your way, you can drive around like any other Far Cry game, even Gliders are present.

 I been dying to play this game since its release but due to an overwhelming number of games in my queue it sat in the back burner till now but I am glad I finally got to play it, it was pretty fast to beat so it won’t take up all of your time. I you like these type of games this one will not disappoint.

  • First Person
  • Shooter
Ubisoft Montreal Ubisoft Shanghai
01 May 2013
Farcry Blood Dragon
Far Cry Blood Dragon Review
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Far Cry Blood Dragon Review

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