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I am not OFTEN impulsive when purchasing new games, I mean that’s why I rent games online. But sometimes I will be sitting there wanting to play something new and a little different and I like to experiment with games I know the least about. So I heard the title Firewatch, looked up screenshots, didn’t read anything up on it, saw that the game was asking for a whopping $20 (Which is becoming somehow a standard price for the little guys somehow) and that’s all I went on, I was ready to roll the Dice.

I will say this about the game it had me. All the way up to the end. But after that I kept thinking… okkkkkk… $20?

But let me break it down. Firewatch isn’t a terrible game my only problem with it is that it is one of “These Games”. And I think “These Games” are great but need their own Genre title. I suggest the name “Walking Simulator” A game that requires little conflict, just that you walk to said destinations and the game will be over eventually. I don’t think it should be called “Walking Simulator” in a derogatory Sense but just so people understand exactly what to expect while playing.

The game starts off interesting and continues down that path. The games main point I found was the dialog. Its not so much the story I enjoy but the amount of writing in the form of banter between you and on of the only other characters in the game. You sit at your Firewatch Post and keep contact via walkie talkie and she even points out her whereabouts which is in some watch tower miles away that overlooks his post. You play out your job in this game as Firewatch and are tasked with small things such as investigating fireworks in the distance and smoke stacks. The game will later take a more mysterious turn while you investigate other stuff but before you know it that game will be over. There is a lot more interactions in this game then a few other Walking Simulators I played, they have you picking things up and getting to locations manually, even having to harness yourself to get there.

Visually the game looks great for the style they went for. Kind of Team Fortress or No Man’s Sky. But the game does lack in surrounding wildlife. I mean forests generally have wildlife and you can literally count the number of animated models on one hand.

By the end of the game I felt it was OK just not a great game. I feel the price is what makes it hard for me to recommend, if it was a $10 game I wouldn’t have felt as bad but I just didn’t get $20 worth. The game looks nice, and someone went to great detail modeling things, writing and making nice scenes but I feel it didn’t have to be this short for the price point. A few extra days where I had to do different things to do with the job would have much better IMO.

My ultimate recommendation comes down to how you feel. I play lots of games but if you don’t and you just want an experience and the price doesn’t bother you then by all means. But there is no replay value in the game and even if you’re not great at games I can’t see this one lasting past the second day of you getting it.

DLC Follow up.

So the game recently released free DLC that adds trophies for a few unique things that happens in the game. I wish they just did this from the get go but at least they are there now. It also has an Audio Trail (Which is the name of the DLC) where you can listen to interactive commentary throughout the game in the form of cassette tape you pick up. It is really nice to listen too and see where the ideas came from, I quite enjoyed this bit.



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Campo Santo
09 Feb 2016
Campo Santo - Firewatch
Firewatch Review
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Firewatch Review

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