Goat Simulator Review

I finally got around to playing and beating Goat Simulator for PS4. This was the last game I played in 2015 and it was quite fun. Very simple craziness but just an open world Physics sandbox to play around in. I been following this game since it was Greenlit on steam and I watched a lot of Lets Plays on it. Watching so many did kind of spoil a lot of the game for me so I didn’t get to enjoy that Surprise after things happen on my own sadly. It looks like a lot of stuff was added since to make it feel like a more complete game. I say the game is worth its money if you just want to dick around in some crazy physics sandbox for a good laugh. It doesn’t last long even if you are going for Achievements/Trophies ads you can complete it in a day or 2. There are a few Trophies that are pretty tough and require looking up as they are so specific. Also be warned for the most pain in the ass Trophy, Flappy Goat, but you might also get lucky and get this one fast. Took me around 45 minutes.

Overall it was as much fun as I saw people having and I didn’t see a whole lot of gameplay for the second level so I had quite a bit of fun out of it. It might not be for everyone though so watch a couple gameplay videos before deciding.

3rd Person
Coffee Stain Studios
Coffee Stain Studios, Double Eleven (consoles)
11 Aug 2015
Goat Simulator
Goat Simulator Review
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Goat Simulator Review

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