Heavy Rain Remastered Review

Heavy Rain is an interactive adventure game that takes you on a crazy mystery ride. The game puts you in the main role of Ethan Mars, a husband and father who goes through a series of traumatic events. The game also will have you play as 3 other characters throughout the game.

The games story has many twists and turns that kept me guessing and really pulled me in. I originally played this for PS3 but always wanted to go back and try the multiple endings the game has. There are about 17 endings adding all characters’ endings together that can layer together a unique outcome per player giving a lot of people unique experiences.

The gameplay is what makes it stand out. Quantic Dream really likes to explore new ways for players to interact rather then walk up to everything and hit the action button. I am really glad them and a few other people are keeping this genre alive in a world that demands the same crappy game year after year. I like playing these style of games to relax sometimes and change it up from the action shooters, RPGs, etc. This style of game might even make you cringe once you get into it because the decisions you make could affect the story in many ways.

In this HD Remaster version, the visuals get an overhaul and the game is much clearer then the PS3 version. Nothing is re-modeled or re-textured but rendering is clearer and has better depth.

Overall I had a blast revisiting this game and I highly recommend it for anyone new to the series or anyone who played it the first time and loved it, its worth a revisit as you can experience the game differently by making different choices.

Quantic Dream
Sony Computer Entertainment
01 Mar 2016
Quantic Dream
Heavy Rain Remastered Review
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Heavy Rain Remastered Review

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