Resident Evil Zero 0 HD Review

All the way back in 2002 there was a console I never owned. This consoles name was GameCube. Even though I was not a fan of this machine it did have a handful of games I wish I could have played but never could. Resident Evil Zero was one of these games along with the Resident Evil 1 Remake. These games maintained the classic game play of the original games but had way better graphics and I just wanted to play them.

14 Years later I finally got to Play Resident Evil Zero and an amazing HD version of it and this one isn’t a cheap up res, the game actually looks really good in HD. There are a handful of Pre-Rendered Cut scenes they had to upscale that look rough. And its crazy because pre rendering cut scenes benefits were to make some cinematic moments look better then what the game could render but now that the game has been remastered the engine graphics are a lot better then the Pre Render ones.
This is the Prequel to the original Resident Evil and maintains a lot of the classic feel of that game. You play the role of Rebecca Chambers, a field medic part of the group STARS and after getting separated will have to try her best to Survive and regroup with the Surviving Members. On her way she is confronted by an escaped convict convicted of murdering 23 people. I thought it was pretty dumb how fast Rebecca warmed up to this dude after knowing exactly who he is but I guess teaming up with a murderer beats getting mulled by monsters. So you will eventually be partnered with Billy Coen in this Resident Evil Adventure.

The story is a little week in some parts, cool in others and the voice acting is atrocious but it is on par with classic RE games in that sense. You will be happy to hear that most of the classic gameplay you love (If you loved classic RE games of course) are intact including Tank Controls (Which I love and use in these games) But they also have an Alternate Control for people not use to Tank Controls, just don’t complain when you are walking in weird directions due to the fixed camera changes.

The only annoyance is the Item Management in this game. You have 2 characters that can hold a maximum of 6 Items each. There are no upgrades for this so juggling your inventory in this game is very tricky. There are no chests ether, instead you have the ability to leave your crap lying around almost everywhere, you will just have to remember or search the maps for those important items you need all of a sudden. At least the Map lists all the items in every room that you put down, that does help a lot.

As far as the enemies go, I feel this game out of all the classic style RE games has the most Fucking Asshole enemies ever! Some of the ones in question are Giant Cockroaches that will lash out at you and deal good damage and are just fucking disgusting, everything from the look and sound, errgg! But the ones I hate the most are the fucking Baboon/monkey (Whatever they are, IDGAF) fuckers. They are small and hard to hit and if they corner you in numbers they can just infinite combo you to death. And last but not least the leech monsters or what I call them the Poo Poo monster’s because they look like a dude made from piece’s of shit stuck together. It even steams like shit and when this guy grabs you wave good by to your health.

The one thing you got to get use to that’s very new to RE is having to control 2 characters simultaneously. This is done but getting use to commands. You will also have to recognise right away that Rebecca is a weak girl and can’t take many hits no matter what weapon she is using. You will have to use Billy as the shield when dealing with serious enemies especially bosses or you will find yourself dying a lot because if one character dies in this game its Game Over.

Overall this was well worth the pre order and I guess it was well worth the wait getting to play it for the first time in HD. I had a lot of fun but in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have put it on Hard for my first run, I just barely beat the game, hahahah.

  • 3rd Person
  • Survival Horror
19 Jan 2016
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Resident Evil Zero 0 HD Review


Resident Evil Zero is a Prequel to the first Resident Evil and if you are new to the series might feel a little weird as its true to the Classic style game mechanics. I will offer a few tips I can to help you get started if you are having trouble getting your footings.


This game offers 2 control types that you can access via the Option Menu. They have the new 3D style controls where wherever you point the stick the character moves in that direction depending on the current fixed camera you are in. Classic Tank style controls are what was used in the old games. If this feels weird at first rest assured, you CAN get used to them. The benefits of the Classic Tank controls are that you will always know what direction you are running regardless if the cameras change or not. Up will always be forward from where your character is facing making it a lot more reliable for this game.

Item Juggling.

This games inventory system can be pretty tight. Instead of the old trunk system for storing things this game lets you just lay any item down on the floor. The item will stay there indefinitely and can be tracked using the map. The map will list items in what ever quadrant you select. There are one or 2 parts where the level you are in will no longer be accessible, the Train for instance. You can abuse the Item system here though because any item you placed on the ground will be moved after the Train Crashes to the front of the Train outside the crash. But note that you must have placed the item in your inventory at least once then place it on the ground for this to work.

Boss Tip.

Bosses can be killed with the knife if you are in a pinch and ran out of Ammo. Just using what you have on the boss and trying the Knife but try to pick your spots and slice and run, slice and run.

Save Smart.

Your first run just use all the save slots and if you feel you have to save every chance you get. Ink Ribbon amounts will vary depending on what difficulty you are playing on so on the Hardest try to use them sparingly. On other modes save on different slots as much as you can so you don’t paint yourself into a corner and can go back a few saves and save some ammo and health now that you know what’s around the corner.


Try to memorize the games layout best you can if you are Achievement/Trophy hunting as it will make things more easy to get a few of the tougher ones like getting an S rank, etc.


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Resident Evil Zero 0 HD Review

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