Fallout 4 Review

I haven’t played Fallout 3 in a while but I had fond memories of it. I am not the most Hard-core Fallout fan but I did like a lot of stuff they did with 3. I sadly never got to play New Vegas but I found myself on the edge of my seat waiting for Fallout 4. Now that I destroyed the game here is what I thought.

This game does a good job of setting the pace and giving you an idea of why you are in the wasteland with the short prologue you play. After about an hour when you are done creating your character (J/K, but not really) you will eventually leave your vault and venture out into a crazy post apocalyptic world. (I think Apocalypse man tried to save a cat) From here what you want to do is up to you. You can head out and do main story quests. Talk to people in the world and decide to help them or not. This is a very open ended game where you can play how you want, what you cannot avoid however is having to kill people.

Visually I think the game looks very good. It’s a huge step from Fallout 3, its bigger and looks much better. They do some very nice effects with the weather. One of the first things I noticed when I played my first hour was Dynamic Wind. I don’t think I even seen it in a game. I walked down the road, saw a dead dog, heard the gust of wind and saw the dogs rag doll move from the gust of wind. Another thing I love is the Radiation Storms. They are so earie and nice looking at the same time and also soak you with Rads. A lot of people out there are complaining about it but I don’t see how this game doesn’t look good and that’s on PS4. I seen it running on PC and it looks even better on that running at 60FPS. The amount of work they put into this is obvious halfway through the game when you have seen so much and barely scratch the surface.
Its good to have VATS back. This mechanic made Fallout for me in Fallout 3. It slowed the pace dawn and gave it that RPG feel making it more then just a mindless shooter. Its back, its not tampered with. In fact, nothing about what you loved in past Fallout games is tampered with. It’s a new world, with a new story with all the same Fallout goodness.

There is a lot of Story to the game if you branch out and do all the side stuff. There is so much so you might forget your main objectives at times. It really does piece together the stuff that happened in the past 200 years Post Apocalypse. The main story itself is pretty interesting and has its own twists and turns. One thing that seemed to stand out for me this game compared to FO3 was the main character has his own voice so you’re not just selecting reply’s in the game and having to picture yourself talking.

This game has a good variety of enemies, some new, some returning from FO3, there are also a lot of variations of them too. There are a few Large enemies but the game is lacking in epic large scale Boss Fights.
In past Bethesda games most of us had a problem with Hording junk. In this game Junk is very useful as you can extract its raw components to rebuild your settlements. The whole Settlement mechanic is pretty cool, its like they added their own mini Minecraft stuff to the game and its totally optional, its not fully necessary to beat the game so its just there for people who want more.

I spent a good couple hundred hours in Fallout 4, beat it, and also got the Platinum Trophy and had nothing but fun with the game. It might take up a lot of your time but those hours will be pleasant memories. I cannot wait for the DLC and might edit this Review to accommodate it later.

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10 Nov 2015
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Fallout 4 Review
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Fallout 4 Review

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