The Evil Within Review

The Horror genre is right up there with my favorite genre, even in movies as well. I always loved the Survival Horror genre since Resident Evil and it’s been a hit or miss relationship since. I mean a few Horror games are good but a lot just don’t make the cut but because I love it so much I play almost every Horror game that comes out. So watching trailers for this game and seeing the screenshots and also hearing it’s from the original guy who brought us Resident Evil I had to try it.

At first I rented this game for 360, I played a chapter or 2 and thought it was really cool. Some other games came out and I lost momentum. After finally getting a PS4 last month I figure I would rent the PS4 version and I am glad I did. Although it’s not a huge difference in visuals this game turned out to be really awesome and I am glad I got to finish it with the best experience.

The Evil Within takes you on a wild journey as a detective in the middle of one of the most bizarre cases he ever worked. From there you pretty much are fighting to survive from super natural beings and find your partners. The games story is pretty interesting and I like how it paces itself the whole game through keeping you wondering.

The game play starts off a little slow as both chapters try to prepare you for certain gameplay elements. They teach you how to sneak around and stealthily kill your enemies and disarm the many traps awaiting you around most corners. After this the game picks up and keeps its momentum in all aspects. The levels will change up and have you doing slightly different things. The bosses felt very seamless like mid-bosses but there were at least 2 that felt like real bosses but all the bosses and mid bosses were really cool and fun. The story progresses well and you get new weapons to play around with. The mechanics feel pretty good in this game, the character never feels stiff and things only feel awkward when the game is making you panic and press too many buttons at once, once you get use to the controls it feels you have perfect control over the character, it reminded me of the classic Resident Evil games where it felt awkward at first but you get good at the game and can breeze through it after like a pro, minus the awkward part.

The sound design is done very well in this game and keeps to the theme the game is and keeps things terrifying. I did notice one thing that the game over screen plays the exact same sound as the menus in Deadly Premonition. One of the best sounds in the game has to be when you pick up the Green Gel, it’s a very satisfying sound.

After beating this game it became an instant classic to me and I feel like I want to beat it again to collect things and get the Trophies. This is a highly recommended game for any fan of the Genre.

  • 3rd Person
  • Action
  • Horror
Tango Gameworks
Bethesda Softworks
14 Oct 2014
The Evil Within
The Evil Within Review
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The Evil Within Review

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