Darksiders II Review

After playing the first Dark Siders, I quickly got on Dark Siders II. The first one was quite good and I really wanted to see what they could do to build upon, I knew they could expand on the story as it has a lot of stuff they could play around with, my only worry is that they would stick with the same gameplay and it would get tired pretty quick, fortunately right away you could see that the game play is very different and for the better. They made it more their own instead of borrowing most of the mechanics from God of War. The good things they kept are of course the design and level design, you still have to solve puzzles and fight through tons of enemies, I really liked the revamp combat system and how they improved a lot of stuff. For one thing they made it so most of the gear you get are random drops with stats, they have legendary drops as well and these ones can be over clocked by sacrificing gear you no longer want or need, this made the game feel like you were building your own path in the fighting department as you could select what weapon types suited your fighting style such as Spears, Scythes, Swords, and Hammers. As much as they did change up the game they kept all the stuff we liked about the first one in. The horse is back and controls the same way but also looks much more detailed as most of this game does in comparison to the last one. They slipped in some newer toys to help you get through the levels with better puzzles such as the introduction to the Portal Mechanics, so you will be having to put your Portal skills to the test.

The story feels like the first one, not that it’s a repeat just about the same quality of writing but it’s a total sequel and you play a total different character this time around. I really like this series because unlike most I feel there never could be an end to the story, it’s a game where I am not expecting closure in any sense and in a good way. I feel they can continue this series forever if they wanted to like God of War.

I had a lot of fun with this one and I feel it’s a very good improvement on the first title, it’s what I like to see in my sequels where they raise the bar and improve upon it. Highly recommend for fans of the first game.

  • 3rd Person
  • Action
Vigil Games
THQ (2012-2013) Nordic Games (2013-present)
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Darksiders II Review
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Darksiders II Review

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