Alien Isolation Review

I always wanted a really decent Alien game and almost gave up after seeing how bad Aliens: Colonial Marines was. But then this game came out and I really didn’t have a new console at the time so I kind of missed it and decided now was the time. Heard many great things about it so I was very eager to get my hands on it.

Right off the bat the game seemed very authentic to the sets of the movies. The story is about you being Ripley’s Daughter, Amanda Ripley, and come across a transmission that could have information about her mother on it. But we all know what’s really waiting on the Station.

So you are pulled into a whole thing you could not prepare for and must improvise and survive an unknown enemy. And if that wasn’t enough most of the humans on the station have gone into survival mode themselves and are prepared to fire on sight.

The graphics I would say are decent. I wouldn’t call them pushing the bar on the platform at the time it was released but it was a multi platform release and it wasn’t at all an eye sore it just wasn’t amazing. But the art work was. I mean everything was modeled great, nice and detailed with lots of variation even though it’s a station where everything fits the same motif it still feels like a lot of work was put into the design and made the game itself feel very big.

The story progressed very well just like the movies tend to do (The good ones.) And just when you are beginning to feel Closter phobic you get to do space walks for a few minutes and get an amazing view of outer space! Its fantastic!

The game also does a great job of making it a Survival Horror game but not only limiting your defences but making you use stealth over anything. If Alien see’s you and you don’t have a flame thrower you are just dead. This is all happening while you are trying to follow your objective to get off the blasted station.

From beginning to the end I had a lot of fun with this game and it was worth the wait. I finally got to play a really good Alien game and I hope they make another one down the line.

If you live in Canada you can also always try and just rent it. They get a free trail. For more info on GameAccess check out my Blog post about it Here

  • First Person
  • Survival Horror
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07 Oct 2014
Alien: Isolation
Alien Isolation Review
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Alien Isolation Review

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