Street Fighter V Review

Street Fighter V is finally here and I will spoil this review right off the bat by stating how painful of a burn this one was. This is not only a sub par release in terms of a retail release but in just video games in general.

So there were a few games that made me decide what console would be my first New Gen experience. I carefully weighted the ones I am most anticipating and would ultimately play the most. Street Fighter always took the most of my game hours from me on whatever console I had. So Street Fighter V being a PS4/PC exclusive made the decision for me. I just never could imagine how big of a disappointing release it was.

Let’s start off with a retail video games main selling point for me. FEATURES! Street Fighter V has arguably the least amount of features in a fighting game at release. A fake Story mode made from pretty crappy art. No challenge to it at all its just beat 1 or 2 AI that don’t do anything. You have just completed Story Mode. There is also Survivor Mode. This mode is the most appealing offline Mode but its so basic I can’t even boast about it. They got offline Versus, Online Ranked, Online Casual, and Online Lounge. The Lounge is for setting up private matches with A friend. I mean A friend, this game launched with no multiplayer lobbies. A feature that by now should be in every fighting game at launch. And that’s it! No I am not kidding; this game doesn’t even have a tradition Arcade Mode!

The main gameplay is actually not bad. It’s a simplified Street Fighter but enough to expand on yet ultimately made for balance and looks to try to take most of the cheap SF4 stuff that made the game boil down to the nothing but option selects and other things that just shouldn’t be in such a game.

I really like the new characters as few in numbers as they are. I was kind of hoping for a few more brand new dudes but I am kind of use to Street fighter being littered with past combatants by now but overall I feel it’s a great launch roster.

The stages in the game are pretty bad. I feel they have not come very far from the designs of SF4. Not only are they simple and overall bland but they animations in the background animate at such low framerates and quickly loop. It was totally not what I was expecting from the first level they revealed with the expanding sides and that is the best stage in the game. Its really too bad it’s the only dynamic stage and seems like a huge miss from Capcom. I mean I am going to be looking at these stage for the next 8 years +.

Graphically overall this game looks pretty bad. It wasn’t what I was hoping a PS4 Street Fighter game would look like. Its got weird shaders that look terrible at 1080P. The hair looks like playdough. The stages again look bad graphically and I don’t understand why. This game is running in unreal Engine 4 on a PS4 it should look Wayyyyy better and perform wayyyy better. Mortal Kombat X Looks 1 milllion X better, performs a lot better, and runs on Unreal Engine 3. Gotta step it up Capcom.

The audio and UI are not bad at all I think I like the majority of the music and sounds in Street Fighter V and the UI is pretty clean but there are a lot of technical issues in menus that are just major oversights such as button assignment overwriting the same button to blanks instead of overwriting whatever you press and also training options not saving.

The game did not launch pretty and was foreseen given the past failures of the Beta. I know you are reading this far and wondering why I am being so hard on a game when they promise this and that. Here is why, because if the game is not finished you should not be selling it as a finished game. I hear people saying over and over that they are releasing “Free DLC” in the future which if you believe that you are the biggest moron on the planet because it is NOT free its what should have been in the game and they are just marketing it as Free DLC. It’s the same thing if the game launched without a UI and they said we are releasing a UI DLC in about 6 months and its FREE!

Street Fighter is one of my favorite pass times so its very annoying that Capcom makes me write such a review when they could have just delayed the game and launched when all the features were ready. I have to review the game as it launched and I even give most games a week or so to get fixed but we won’t be getting the Story Mode for another 4 months so I feel as a retail pack this is way overpriced. If they weren’t ready they should have just released the game in season releases or something or at least mark the packaging as a Pre-Release game so you know what your getting.

Final thoughts. Decent core game, very little and lackluster features that might be improved over the coming months and years.

Because this will be a supported and updated game over the next few years I will be checking in every year for an update. Not an update to this Review directly. This score is locked in as a core game Review. I will post blog posts in the future as the game updates but I will not change the score I give it here today.


Capcom, Dimps
16 Feb 2016
Street Fighter V | Rise Up!
Street Fighter V Review
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Street Fighter V Review

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