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Since Monkey Island Special Edition released on Xbox 360 back in 2010 my passion for the simple point and click adventure games was reborn. It is now a Genre I play very often. I been following the development of Until Dawn since before I got my PS4 and was very interested in how cinematic it looked. Now that I finally got to play it and get that Platinum Trophy here’s what I think of this game.

If you ever wanted to play a Horror Movie and feel immersed in it, then this is that game you been looking for. The game is about a bunch of collage kids returning to a cabin after a tragedy last year and end up having a pretty rough night. The gameplay might not appeal to the most hard-core shooter enthusiast but it will appeal to a large amount of people due to its accessibility in controls. One thing I recommend doing is setting up the Motion Controls. As long as you put it in your head that its not 1:1 (One to One) Motion Tracking and that you should make settle movements then you will get the hang of it. It adds a level of Immersion IMO, at the very least you should try it. This game isn’t about shooting things as much as its about making tough choices, choice that will always leave you thinking, what if…

For most Adventure games its all about the Story and thats all you remember such as with the Telltale games, you never think of those games as having great visuals but this game packs both. An amazing unfolding story with many a turns and astounding visuals with real life actors playing the motion and voice of the characters. You almost forget your watching a game and instead feel you are inside a Horror/Suspense movie. Hayden Panettiere (Clair from Heroes) and Rami Malek (from Mr Robot) only to name a few of the great actors this game has. They even capture their likeness so there is no disconnect.

The main games mechanic is the Butterfly Effect. It works similar to a few Telltale games only its more visual and you can see in a menu how your choices effected certain situations. The game has a lot of different endings, so if you and someone you know played on your own you would most likely share your experience’s and realize that you both had tremendous amounts of different outcomes. You can make it to the end and save everyone, or have everyone die and everything in between. Its all about the choices you make and might make you want to play this game multiple times.

The game does have a few things they could have worked on. Every game by now should have Skippable cut scenes, I think we gotten that far in gaming to know that’s important for time consumption. Even if you have to beat the game to unlock such a feature or do something complicated like hold 2 buttons down for a few seconds, that’s fine, but in this game you can’t skip one cut scene and every chapter has a “Previously On Until Dawn” sequence that shows a reel of stuff that happened so far in your game. Even though they are not long they did get in the way of seeing alternate endings and getting all the Trophy’s. Just a needless speed bump I feel they could have done without.

As far as the bad goes that’s pretty much all I could think of. This game was great overall and I look forward to DLC or more of the same style game from these Developers because this shit was awesome.

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Supermassive Games
Sony Computer Entertainment
25 Aug 2015
Until Dawn - Supermassive Games
Until Dawn Review
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Until Dawn Review

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