The Last Of Us Remastered Review

When this game came out on PS3 it made me wish I had a PS3 but I never could play it, I never thought I would play it. Thankfully they made a better version of it for PS4 so I finally got to play it and I can honestly say it was worth the wait.

To get it out of the way for people wondering how it compares to the original, I was able to do kind of a side by side comparison. I got PlayStation Now and loaded up The Last of Us, this service is almost 1:1 playing a PS3 if you have the bandwidth. So I played the Prologue on the PS3 version. Then I loaded the PS4 version and played it. The difference was clear. On the PS3 version even though the game still looked very well the only way they could achieve that was to use a graining filter where you could not see clear detail. That plus it ran at 30FPS on the PS3. The Remastered version, the complete opposite, you can see clearly everything in full detail, skin texture, veins, arm hair, dust falling. And it runs at a clean 60FPS and that’s what makes it better in terms of visuals. This game is very cinematic and the 60FPS helps capture that a lot more.

So now let’s go into gameplay. This game is a lot more Survival then Horror, most of the scare comes from the feeling of you actually don’t want to die in this game, you really role play the Survival part. The game play is pretty sleek once you master the controls. Your character’s aim might seem off but it’s just stuff you got to upgrade, once upgraded you can take off heads easily. What makes this game hard is the fact that conserving your supplies is the only way you can beat this game. You need to collect as much stuff as possible and try to use as little ammo as possible. It’s probably the most Survival game I ever played in that sense.

You will not be facing off with just one enemy type but 2. In the sense it feels like the Walking Dead. You got to deal with Infected and at the same time deal with Psychopaths (Or that’s how I refer to them) People who are just killing because there is no more law. The Infected have a few variants and all have their own things to look out for. Runners (Hahaha, The Walking Dead calls them Walkers…) are the normal Infected and won’t cause too much trouble on their own but are tough in packs. Clickers are a next level infected that can’t see and go on a sense of sound. If they get a hold of you you better have a shiv crafted. And the Bloaters. Probably the games main boss. He only comes out a few times in the whole game but can be tricky to deal with. The human enemies don’t have much variation other than having Helmets that make headshots tough and Melee enemies vs shooting enemies.

The game had a few pretty tough parts to get past and unfortunately there are no real bosses in this game so these are as close as you get. This game never allows you the chance to be a good guy, this was something I had trouble with. I know the role is survival and you got to kill to survive but there were a couple spots (Namely the end) where I wanted to get passed it without killing anyone and I couldn’t I spent an hour in the end part and finally said fuck it and just took off every head in sight, that was the only way I could beat it. The game doesn’t give you the moral choice like most games with similar stories so you are just along for the ride but it was still a great experience, I felt there were some intense levels and just terrific acting I mean some of the best mocap, and voice acting I seen in games. Unfortunately I didn’t feel the story gave me closure when the game ended, I felt they could have written something better. My only hope is they have something planned for a new Last of Us game for PS4. But I had too much fun playing through for it to be a deal breaker in anyway.

This game is the complete package so you will be able to use all the DLC from the PS3 version including a side story of Ellie that takes you into her past. And also all the additional MP DLC. I haven’t tried the MP yet so I have no opinion on it but I will update their post when I do, this is a highly recommended game, especially the PS4 version if you want the best experience.

  • 3rd Person
  • Action
  • Shooter
  • Survival Horror
Naughty Dog
Sony Computer Entertainment
29 Jul 2014
The Last Of Us - Naughty Dog
The Last Of Us Remastered Review
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The Last Of Us Remastered Review

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