DarkSiders Review

I ended up picking up DarkSiders about 6 months after its release because I remembered it looking really cool and it was on sale. It was around the time I started getting a lot of games and renting newer games so I kept it on the backburner. If it wasn’t for my idea to beat the games I accumulated over the years every month it probably would have taken a lot longer to get to if ever. So now that I finally got to play it all the way through I can say I wasn’t blown away but wasn’t disappointed ether.

The gameplay in a nutshell is pretty much God of War. Almost all the mechanics replicate God of War. You get a few select weapons that change the moves up and you get more along the way. The Levels are pretty well designed but you might need to power through the Prologue before you think so. You even gather your points the same way you get it in God of War such as opening chest that have 3 types of souls, EXP, Health and Wrath which very in color they absorbed into you just like God of War. Even though this games gameplay highly replicates God of War the game at least does this well enough to make for a fun and entertaining adventure but it doesn’t come without a few problems.

The graphics are very nice, they might not be high in lighting or anything fancy but the game has a great art style to it and is very colorful. The controls are ok but get overly complex as you unlock more moves almost to the point where you just don’t bother doing a lot of them. Another main probably I have with this game is you unlock a few new toys that seem like they might be a cool change and then quickly become useless (Like the Revolver for example) another problem I had is the game is designed around the fact that you should upgrade your 4 weapons to make them stronger but because 2 of them suck I eventually just focused on my main weapon for leveling up, even the buff relics you pick up to gain more experience with the weapon its attached to seem like they do nothing. That’s about all the bad, I feel I really liked most of the game design even despite these flaws.

The story can be pretty hard to follow as it’s a take on Gods and the 4 horseman but it’s still very entertaining and after the Prologue you will start getting a lot more into it and this game also has some fun tough bosses.

Overall I feel this game could have used a couple more months of polish but I wasn’t disappointed too much with it and after beating felt happy I did get to play it. Highly recommended if you want to change it up a bit.

  • 3rd Person
  • Action
Vigil Games
THQ (2010-January 2013) Nordic Games (2013-present)
05 Jan 2010
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DarkSiders Review
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DarkSiders Review

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