Dark Sector Review

Dark Sector is a game that released a while before I actually even got my Xbox 360 but it was a game I was always interested in because it looked really cool. Although I bought it a couple years back I just got around to beating it a couple weeks ago due too so many games on my backlog. So I finally got to play it through and here is what I thought.

This game was released about 2 years after 360’s launch in 2008 and it would be a few months before I even have a 360. The game is 7 years old but came out when next gen development was getting better and better.

In the game you are a soldier who goes out on a mission and becomes mutated by some unknown agent. Even after being mutated you will continue your mission to the end as intended but you have awesome abilities. These abilities are unique because they are not way out of this world so you get that authentic Human with powers feeling, I mean you’re not flying around or anything like that. For a game that came out in 2008 I think the graphics hold up, only thing visually that is poor is the environment’s, they feel a bit empty at times especially when you’re outside. The Glave is the games prized mechanic. Don’t have any ammo? No problem, just through this mutated Tri Boomerang and it always comes back to you. It can be used to mutilate your enemies or even retrieve pickups that are out of reach. The thing also gets upgraded as your progress but only through progression, you have no direct unlockable control over upgrading abilities. One other thing I found missing was any form of meter for you powers, there seems to be a limit to how much you can spam stuff like the shield but you have to more or less feel it out. The combat seems very competent using a classic 3rd person cover mechanics. The enemy design although limited seems nice but the AI can be dumb sometimes.

The story is very subpar, it’s not terrible but it’s not fantastic ether and you pretty much can predict how everything will go, there are only a couple boss fights in this game but they do work well, the game could have defiantly used a lot more.

Overall I feel Dark Sector was a pretty good game. It was original and felt like it was taking a chance at pushing game story past what we are used to but it doesn’t live up to its potential. I felt it could have added a few more things to be known as a solid title. That being said you also probably won’t regret playing it through, it’s not the longest game so you can probably do it in a couple sessions.

  • 3rd Person
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Digital Extremes
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25 Mar 2008
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Dark Sector Review
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Dark Sector Review

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