Resident Evil HD REMASTER Review

I have been waiting years to play this one. I am a huge fan of the classic Resident Evil series and almost broke down every year since it released on the GameCube and almost bought a GameCube but I never did and I never got to enjoy Resident Evil Remastered so obviously I was very excited when they announced its release a while back, now that it’s here I am reliving my old Resident Evil Addiction but with a much better version. Now I am reviewing this game as a whole and also as if didn’t come out on the Gamecube because I never played it on the GameCube so all the new modes and stuff are new to me but probably not new to the original Remaster.

One thing that is really great is how true to the original this game is. This is a true Remaster and not a Re-imagining and it’s just what I wanted. If you never played the original you might not see this game as anything special unless you are open minded. This game set the Horror Genre and changed how we play video games through creative techniques they used to get us great visuals, gameplay and level design on such limited platforms. Even now I still have a lot of fun playing the game, I think the magic is you don’t have 1:1 control with your character and aiming and stuff and makes it seem more intense when slow walking zombies are close to you. The level design still holds up to me and makes for a challenging game. It wasn’t known for being a very hard game to beat, just a hard one to master, in fact most of us that played the shit out of it growing up see it as a Speed run game and a very fun one. Because there are so many way you can go and so little stuff you can carry you got to figure out what’s the best route. I personally still use the Classic Tank Style Controls (FTW).

The games story might be a little underwhelming for todays gamer after all the crazy games we get to experience in modern gaming but it’s still a cool story that gets you into your character. The best part is the voice acting is all new so the dialog is a little less cheesier then the original, yet they kept the basic of the dialog in tact so it still feels classic, no drastic changes to what we have come to know.

The game will still take the average gamer a while to beat with juggling the tiny inventory and rationing your supplies while wondering what’s going to be in the next door you unlock. The game also has new modes that offer a bigger challenge such as True Survivor Mode, an experimental mode that never made it into the original where all the Item Boxes in the game are no longer linked. And Invisible Monster Mode where, well you get it.


Overall this was a real treat for me and it just awoke my old addiction for beating this game over and over again, I beat it twice on the second day I bought it and I am going for 100% completion. This is a true to the classic Remaster of an original game I loved and I still hope for a few more just like it.

  • 3rd Person
  • Survival Horror
20 Jan 2015
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Resident Evil HD REMASTER Review
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Resident Evil HD REMASTER Review

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