Twitter Battle: Me Vs CM PUNK

Oh man this was good times on twitter. OK SO its not an actual battle but we did exchange Tweets. I made a jab at his Then recent Knee Injury and he Tweeted back. Its not often these guys do that so I thought it was pretty cool. Here are the Tweets in question.

This is where it got funny. I never received so many Mentions in my life from that one Tweet. Hahahaha. OK you can sit there and judge and saw I was just trolling for attention but I wasn't and I never do. The fact is CM punks knee did in fact suck. Its not like I could just stand by and not help him by telling him that it sucked. Had he listened to it as constructive criticism then he probably could have beaten The Rock and UnderTaker, #JustSayin.

So then I get all these Mentions on Twitter (I still get the odd one still) and I just pictured all these CM Punk Sheep hanging on to his cock, I mean they are happy they got a great spot hanging off his cock, saying how good he is, etc. Then they see my tweet and are like "WTF!?" I mean they gave up they great spot on his dick to tweet me back a lot of hate messages, its hysterical, check em out!


Hahah well it was just a Jab and that's how CM Punk took it as you can see in his reply but for all the other followers I apologies for you having to spit his dick out of your mouth so you can scream obscenities and get those tweets out, now you can crawl back on his Cock and Hug.

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