Catching Up With TNA Wrestling

Sadly I haven’t watched a TNA (Total None Stop Action) Wrestling show for a little over 2 years now. It wasn’t on purpose or anything, TNA was only getting better with Austin Aries as champion and a lot better matches it was just one of those things, 1 week turned into 2 weeks, then a months, then months and now I am here. TNA saved me from Turing my back on wrestling all together, I am a big fan of wrestling and WWE hit such a slump between the years 2007 and 2011 where it was almost unbearable to watch. During those years since around 2006 or 2007 I found TNA Wrestling and it was so amazing and so fresh I had to dig up all the past stuff I been missing. Everything from the 6 sided ring to the crazy triple threat matches with top talent such as A.J Styles, Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels, it was like discovering wrestling all over again, but I digress.

TNA did take a turn and slowed down quite a bit and if I had to blame something or someone it would be Hulk Hogan, all he did was try to make TNA into WWE and it was killing me but I stuck with it as much as I could but yeah the downfall to missing shows lead me to here where the last thing I watched was a PPV in 2012. I have been watching WWE regularly since though but it was always hit or miss, I need TNA again but I don’t want to go into it after 2 years, I need to know what happened so I am tracking down all the shit I missed and will try my best to catch up because since CM Punk and Daniel Bryan has been out of the game I miss wrestling…

Anyway I will be updating this post with my progress via Edits.

Edit: I am now in 2013! 

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