Domain issues finally solved.

OK so maybe my issue with my Domain wasn’t the biggest problem to have but it was enough to bother me and make me feel a bit self conscious.

So I made the switch to 1&1 from godaddy. If only I listen to people sooner but I had no idea that for around the same price I can have hosting, that even though shared, doesn’t feel shared or limited at all.

While I was at it I thought I would keep everything in one place and transferred my domains as well. Thought everything was fine and was just working carefree. My bro Patrick tried to check out my site and told me it says my domain doesn’t exist on his end. I tested a lot on my network couldn’t see what he was talking about. He told me he uses Google DNS like a lot of people do. So I tried it, sure enough my domain didn’t exist using google DNS. So weeks of probing lead me to find that there were serious issues during the transfer and after around 8 to 10 months of going back and forth with 1And1 I finally have working properly with Google which is a huge relief. I have had to host my site on a backup URL so it was a huge pain.

So I know this problem took wayyyyyyy too long to be corrected by 1and1 and I should be posting my rage for how long this took but I got it solved and was compensated some credit for the inconvenience and this blog is meant more to talk about an issue that could very well be plaguing a lot of users and they are just unaware of it. Now I know I have just a lowly blog that gets very little traffic and there is probably no one even reading this post but I don’t care. I can’t keep wondering if I might be missing traffic or not. Or if someone asked me about it and wanted to check it out but couldn't.

So who cares right? Works with everything else. Well yeah and no. The main problem the domain was having was with DNSSEC. And google looks like they just straight up don’t see domains with most of their tools that have an improper DNSSEC. So how can you find out if this is happening since transferring your domains?

Well first go here. I can post 1 scanner to make things easier but I will post 2 so that if you don’t have the issue you can move on.

So first head over to and put your domain in there and see what happens. If it comes back with 1 line giving an error along the lines of not found or something, then there is the problem (Unfortunately I forgot what the exact error told me) But if you see several lines mostly with green checkmarks then you should be fine. There might be a couple of small issues with yellow exclamation marks but they are minor stuff.

If your domain cannot be found, then head over to here this will tell your explicitly what your error is. At the bottom it might say a problem with DNSSEC then you are where I’m at and if anyone is using Google DNS then your site WILL NOT LOAD. It might even effect indexing.

So if it is DNSSEC you must call 1And1 support (they will not be helpful in live chat for this kind of issue) Don’t let them tell you they can’t do anything to fix this because they can and they have with me. In fact, I am kind of hoping its just something they go around fixing for everyone after bringing it to their attention but you but be persistent and demand that they get the Google Toolbox to see the domain and not to tell you its fixed until it does. They might say its fine using their tools so just be persistent and say you need Google Toolbox to see it. They can fix it!

I am just glad I am running at 100% and I can go about my work. Has this happened to you? Let me know, feel free to leave comments below.

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Wow, thiss article is nice, my younger sister is analyzing such things, therefore I am going to tell her.
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