New Section added and Update

Its been way too long since I posted anything but I been really busy both playing games and preparing more content both of which are more of the same. Got over a dozen game reviews I am going to release and more. And I still have tons of games I am playing

This post is mainly for the new section. I know I had TV Show Reviews section already but I lumped it into my other reviews that review one thing per post. I didn’t have a whole lot of show posted here because at first I wanted to just review TV Shows I have watched as a whole but because shows can go on for a while and each episode varies I figured this wasn’t good enough coverage so I wanted to be a little more thorough then the other reviews like Games and Movies.

I will have the entire series review in this section only if I have completed the whole series or completed most of it. But more importantly I will also have a run down of each episode so I can look back and remember stuff I can easily forget as references. This will be a lot more work then the other stuff but its something I want to at least try and hope it works.

The section is live but I just started (As of the date of this post) so it’s a work in progress, you can check it out here or from the top nav under Reviews. Its also worth mentioning that the listings portion of the site isn’t really mobile friendly yet. If you click the title of an episode the article will be mobile friendly but for now the whole section looks better in a PC Browser.
That’s all for now, I am trying to post all this stuff real soon within the next couple of weeks and try to keep things steady. The only reason why its taking me so long I am on a shoe string budget so doing all my editing and stuff is a little tight.

Check back soon for more updates!

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