So, if you are familiar with my content (And of course you’re not because I barely do anything here nor is anything I write about interesting) Then you are probably wondering one thing. Why now, why have I chosen now to come back. No reason. I was sitting here wondering why I haven’t gotten around to updating this website and there’s no reason good enough. Its just that I been lazy, very very lazy. The only way to start back up is to start back up and keep doing stuff regardless if its any good. I can’t keep thinking perfection because then I will never post anything.

Moving on, so I am back a lot has happened since my last post over a year ago, but I won’t get into all the personal stuff, the point is I am back, and I want to focus on the future and trying out new stuff.

I been doing a lot more projects here and there trying to get better at the various things I am trying but I need to keep going. I am also still very actively playing as many games as I can. There has been so many over the past year and a half and its just been great. There have also been some shitty games but that’s how it goes sometimes.

So, this year is getting crazy itself with games. Luckily as I speak there’s a small break, so I just finished beating Far Cry 5 and had a chance to move on as there’s very little “can’t miss” games for now. But there are around the corner like Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Quest XI only to name a couple. E3 is also around the corner so there’s no telling what will be announced.

So, what’s going to happen now? Well I am going to focus on regular Blog Posts, I think I really could use the venting anyhow and might release some content I have had on hold for a while such as older reviews and what not. There might be small compromises with Reviews as I lost a lot of screenshots and videos, so they might look a little bare, but I will post them anyway.

I also been trying to stream regularly. Not trying to make anything big of it but I have fun playing to that one guy who always joins my room… You know who you are =P

The most recent stuff I am playing and doing is just Final Fantasy XII, Vampyr just arrived so I will start that and might stream a bit of it. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, a great trip down memory lane and great way to see first hand the evolution of Street Fighter. Also trying some PC stuff here and there. Just stumbled upon Game Randomizers from recommendations from a friend and they seem cool, so I might be trying some Resident Evil 1 HD Remaster with Randomizers soon, who knows!

Anyway, I will leave it at that and get to work. I might change some things around as well to make things look a little fresher. Cya next time!

0 #4 utyifexhar 2019-09-16 03:11
Hello. And Bye.
0 #3 ManuelToult 2019-08-24 09:30
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