Working on New Site and other crap

So my last post was quit a while ago. This is at least for a good reason. I bought a domain a while back and lost momentum due to most of my domain issues I had with my hosting company. Now that that’s resolved I got a second wind on a project I wanted to at least attempt.

So I been working of a Video Game Strategy Guide website. I know there are a lot of them but I grow tired of having to get pieces of info from everywhere. I just want ever single little piece of info for a game I am playing (Or at least close to every single bit) and I also wanted to be able to pull it up on the phone. I play games these days to 100% completion. I won’t be listing every single game on the planet for now. I will start by focusing on Guides I can fully cover on my own. And as much as I can cover on a game there will always be something someone knows that can contribute. So this is the other half of the site. A community component where users can contribute to the main guides so they will always be updated as much as possible.

I been working around the clock on it almost a month now and I am liking how its going. As long as I get it out I could care less about it being a hit. I really just want to commit to one project and complete it and I will this one.

The site will be called If you somehow found this Blog post and this sounds good, follow me on Twitter @Switchblade1984 and let me know and stay up to date.

Aside from that I have also been buried in a couple games I am almost complete. Every now and then games come along I get obsessed with and want to get all the Trophies for.

Recently I been a slave to Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness for PS4. I really love this series and can’t wait to post my review on this one.

Another game that’s even more recent is No Man’s Sky. I just Platinum’d this one and look forward to also reviewing this game.

Unfortunately, these are just a couple games I have been playing and I played a lot more that I have yet to review and will release a bunch of review maybe in the next couple weeks.

And there are so many more games I am waiting to play. King Of Fighters XIV, Worms: W.M.D, Deus Ex, man I am up to my neck and can’t wait!

Stay tuned for updates, as always feel free to comment below!

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