The Time Is Now: Tomb Raider

As many games as I played (And it’s a lot of damn games I played in my life) there are and always will be those games everyone loved that slipped through the cracks for me. Today’s story is about Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider was just one of those games I never got my hands one. I had very little games for my PSX and Metal Gear Solid was one of them. That’s the game that took up most of my PSX hours. By the time I got into other games Tomb Raider III was out and I was far behind discouraging me from ever playing. I think the most I played was a PlayStation Demo that came in a magazine. I didn’t get much enjoyment out of it so I just never though of Tomb Raider ever.

Then the Tomb Raider Reboot hit a couple years ago and I fell in love with it. Of course its not the Tomb Raider people known growing up but it was a fantastic game made with current technology. But the games of the past would always linger in my brain and I always been curious.

Steam recently had a sale (And its still going on as of the date of this post until January 4th) where they had every single Tomb Raider game in a neat little pack. This is also including the first part of the Rebooted one and all its DLC. For $13 ($CAN) I couldn’t resist.

So my plan is to try my hardest to beat every single one on top of all the current games I am playing. I know juggling this many never works out for me but its not going to stop me from trying. I am going to start with Part 1 but I don’t think I will beat the Reboot again as I already recently did that but we will see. I will even try to stream my suckyness on Twitch at if your curious stop by check it out. Feel free to leave your comments on this post and let me know of your Tomb Raider experiences and wish me luck!