Hello guys we are here in another month so that means it’s another month for me dedicated to beating a few games in the month, it’s a little thing I do here where I like to theme the month with something the game I play all have in common. Last month I did kill 3 games but this month for a few reason I will only be doing 2. Reason one is one of them could be pretty tricky, the other is I couldn’t find a game I own that fits nicely in with them.

I proclaim this month, #WTFGamesMonth! WTF of course standing for WTF and I am selecting games that take you out of your comfort zone and bring you on a wild and crazy twisted ride. I know WTF sounds more like a few that have been really labeled WTF such as LSD (A game released in Japan that is a Dream Simulator) just for an example but I wanted to make it about games I actually have and want to beat.

So first up, the one that really caught my attention after hearing about it during its release, Catherine! I went into it not expecting what kind of game it is and didn’t think that most of the difficulty would come from a puzzle game that is the games bread and butter. The story is very good too for as much as I played (Which wasn’t much) Of course it’s a very adult game, not to say its pornographic but more suggestive and deals with more adult related stuff like cheating and relationships (You been warned!)

And the second game I am going to beat this month is another one that needed my attention, El Shaddai. I am a huge fan of games that look different and just the art style alone in this game is different but beautiful.

Well I am off to get started and to finally beat these 2 crazy games, stay tuned to see how I fair in my always honest follow up at the end of the month, as always I encourage anyone to follow along with your own WTF game(s) and tell me about it in the comments below. Thanks and happy gaming!