Street Fighter V CFN Beta and other stuff

Well its been a while since my last site update. It seems I put too much game on my plat in my last batch. At least I am having some fun and I got some games done in the off time.

My recent few games I been playing includes, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, Nier: Automata, Mass Effect, and more, but those have been the prime focus of my time and I very much under-estimated how big of a game Wildlands is or I might have held off on playing it. I mean one of my favorite video games is Metal Gear Solid and I haven’t gone back to Metal Gear Solid V yet, anyway…

One of the things I post about most is Street Fighter because it is one of my favorite games but Street Fighter V has really been testing me lately. I know I will always love it but now that there are so many other competitors that seem to be putting more effort into their game I no longer HAVE to keep playing Street Fighter V if its going to continue to disappoint. We all been waiting over a year now for it to work properly online but the updates are rolling in at a snail’s pace. The last line of hope is the new CFN update delivers us some good fixes after the current betas are over but we are still some months away from seeing if that’s true or not. At this rate, I am starting to feel it won’t. I will be trying out the CFN Beta test for PS4 tonight but its just a beta after all. At this point I am more hype for Injustice 2 coming out very soon. I mean I been following the development for this game and it just looks like NRS are not fucking around with it and that its going to be crazy. Plus, there’s more upcoming fighting games too like Tekken 7. I might not be a huge fan of Tekken but this one looks like its shaping up to be a great one.

What I really want to see in the future of gaming more then bigger crazier prettier stuff is getting online gaming to work a whole lot better then it currently is. I still don’t understand why only a few games out there take improving their online infrastructure a lot more serious then the rest. A rule of thumb should be if you’re not going to support it to the fullest don’t tac it onto the game in the first place. You are selling a broken promise at that point and I think most of us are sick of it.

I have a laundry list of disappointing things with Street Fighter V and it kills me because at its core I can see the potential for it being fun but its not even up to snuff like Super Street Fighter IV:AE was. If the new CFN update is garbage and takes months to fix after its official release I might just drop it and come back to it when its looking a little more worth my time. I will be streaming the Beta tonight on my I will be posting my full thoughts on the beta itself after it concludes this Sunday.

Hopefully I can get a few pending Reviews posted as well and keep this Blog updated more now. Thanks for checking me out feel free to leave any comments below and I will see you guys next time.

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