Capcom has done it again...

Personally I feel the latest Halloween DLC from Capcom is a Huge slap in the face, and here’s why.

It wasn’t a few months ago Capcom started coming out to address their short comings with Street Fighter V after vocal fans finally giving them honest feedback. A long time coming. I know before they had the backlash but there wasn’t enough of us to where they gave a shit. Now the numbers gain and they have no choice but to listen. There are still the Capcom Apologist out there that will defend everything and that’s their prerogative but there were real concerns with the release and slow improvements to Street Fighter V.

It seemed slow but at least they recently started to pick up the pace a bit in fixes and support. Most recently with the Urien update and quick (Quick by Capcom standards) fix for their PC update that caused security risks in Windows. I feel at this point they really should still be making it up to the longtime supporters that got what they got at launch and add if not Free content at least hold off on the Premium stuff for a while. I really like the Fight Money idea but at this rate Fight Money will only pay for garbage and before you step in Defenders, with the whole, “You can buy characters with FM” that’s good for this Season but come season 2 they will be able to do what they want and at this rate they will probably make season 2 premium only.

So where is this slap in the face? Well we want cool shit for SFV. A lot of us are hanging in there trying to find things to keep us coming back. But the first wave of fun themed DLC is Premium Only? Already? I mean the story crap aren’t even unlocks and now this? And what about that Halloween stage? One of the worst stages is now covered in pumpkins? $2 or 40K FM. No thanks. Where is the old package price you guys use to do? And the cherry on top, you can never get them again after November 29th. Now I have no choice but to buy it, Kappa.

This is coming from a guy who had pretty much all costumes from SF4. I bought them to support the franchise I love and in hopes they would give back but instead they seem to have gotten worse with the fans. The Halloween Costumes aren’t even that great, they went with a basic red and black motif for most of them and they are not very inventive.

This is just very disappointing after they did a nice Urien release with Easter eggs and background finishes (Something we all thought the game would have at launch) but then they took a step back. I will be passing all together on this one and I really hope Capcom can try to do better in the future. There a lots of fighting games in the sea these days…

Feel free to leave comments and let me know how you feel and to all you defenders out there you can just fill out this convenient Bingo card from

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