Thanks Dude!

Well my room just got a whole lot less shitty thanks to my dude PatrickMJones!

So I finally got around to buying up some frames to put the Artwork you got for me in. I didn’t realize how hard Frame Shopping is. I didn’t want a cheap looking frame and I am cheap so I also didn’t want to pay a ton for them, I mean its 9X whatever. But I finally found some nice ones for a decent price and even though they were not very very cheap in price worth every penny after it was all up and looking good.
Might be a little uneven but I eyeballed it and laid it out myself and got them all in one nail each, not too shabby.

The images I took suck so I might take a video later to show it more to scale but its looking very nice now and I am glad I finally get to look at it instead of it all sitting in my closet. I was the most worried it would get ruined somehow before I got a chance to put it up so I kept them on lock down top shelf in the closet.

Anyway, I am enjoying it very much man, I still can’t thank you enough for these man, good looking out!