Why Ricardo Rodriguez Might Betray RVD

Now I could be wrong about this but a few telltale signs point to Ricardo Rodriguez turning on RVD.

Too good to be true. It was almost out of nowhere that Ricardo Rodriguez started backing RVD and now RVD quickly trusts him. that's a WWE storyline no no, nothing is ever this easy.

Ricardo Rodriguez is already wearing RVD T-Shirts, I can't imagine him doing this for months and months down the road. He's also laying it on pretty thick that hes a 100% RVD backer now.

His RVD intro is terrible compared to when he did it with Alberto Del Rio. Probably doesn't feel the need to perfect it cause he wont be doing it for much longer

And finally, cause he has crawled back to Alberto Del Rio before so why after one falling out would this be the straw that broke the camels back, doesn't seem right to me.

Again this is just me guessing, I don't look for storyline spoilers online or anything, I just watched WWE for years and am use to this thing by now, i also could be wrong so who knows.

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