This game was a cool Sequel to Dead Rising 2 in the form of a small Arcade game. t was pretty short but a pretty fun extension that doesn’t require the Dead Rising 2 Base game. The Achievements can be a bit tricky and might require a video guide for parts but ultimately can be done in a day give or take. It was still pretty fun.
10 Oct 2014
Base Game 100%
Frank West and Chuck Greene fight side by side in this explosive addition to Dead Rising 2! Chuck Greene has lost the evidence that would have cleared his name. In his darkest hour Frank West appears and offers one last chance for Chuck to redeem himself. Together, the pair heads to a secret Zombrex research facility where they hope to uncover evidence that will exonerate Chuck, and shed some light on Phenotrans' sinister plot. Case West re-introduces the ability to take pictures in-game. Two players can also play together as Chuck and Frank in the full-featured co-op mode!

Coming Soon!