Here I will list the following tools and software I used to make this site and links to where you can get them. Please note some of them are commercial and require payments or subscriptions.

The Main Site Engine.

Description: The Main Site Engine is a CMS (Content Management System) Called Joomla (3.0). This CMS has a steep learning curve but offers a complex set up if you are planning to build a big Dynamic site. This CMS is free and gains lots of 3rd party support in the form or Commercial and Non Commercial add-ons. If you are planning to make a simple Blog site I would have to suggest Wordpress because its the easiest most flexible Blog CMS out there.


Site Template.

Description: This site uses a Premium Template called Chimera by Rockettheme.



CCK (Content Construction Kit)

Description: This site uses Cobalt from Mintjoomla, formaly Mighty Resources this is Web 2.0 version of the popular CCK. This CCK has a lot more flexibility then any other CCK for Joomla hands down. It houses a lot of Perimeters out of the box that allow you to customize the look and functionality without even having to touch code. Their base component is free but other ad dons and fields you have to pay for, or you can use all their stuff Bi-annually for $100 USD.


Hosting provider

I am currently using 1&1 for my Hosting needs. I am currently on the top Shared hosting plan and its pretty cheap. Their customer service isn't too bad ether.


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